Press Release

Alokozy Private Companies (Alokozy Group) purchase Wasel-Telecom to invest $300 million in Information Communication Technology (ICT) Sector

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Proposal to Establish a System for Registering Cell Phones Approve

Working Visits of Minister of Communication and Information Technolgy to the USA 

Minister of Communications and Information Technology meets with new Indian Ambassador

Press Release on Open Access Policy and Competitive Provisioning

Afghanistan signs strategic partnership with Eutelsat to accelerate access to satellite infrastructure for digital services

Mobile Governance and Capacity Building Initiatives


OFC [NORTH EASTERN ROUTE] PROJECT OF MCIT,     UNDER AFGHANISTAN ICT SECTOR DEVELOPMENT PROJECT                                                                                                                                                                

Ministry of Communications & IT Rejects 4G Services License to Etisalat Company   

MCIT's Press Release on Selection of Contractors World Bank funded  OFC Projects of MCIT, under Afghanistan ICT Sector Development Project

MCIT's Press Release on Selection of Contractors World Bank funded  Mobile Platform Project of MCIT

Tender for License to Utilize Afghanistan’s Allotted Satellite Orbital Slot Launched

Telecommunication Towers Contracts signs with Telecom Companies

Afghan and US Governments Encourage the Development of 

Mobile Money

Internet Price Reduction

Mobile Money in Afghanistan

MCIT Siezed illegal SIM Boxes in Kabul city

 MCIT  confiscates six SIM Boxes in Kabul and Baghlan provinces and stops illegal operation of an Internet net cafe in Kabul

4 SIM Boxes confiscated and 2044 SIM cards collected

All Afghan Univerities connects to the world Universities