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Commemoration Ceremony World Post Day

Happy Post World Day

Seminar on Asset Registration and Review in Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

جریان مکمل کنفرانس خبری پیرامون تصویب قانون معامللات و امضای الکترونیکی

افغانستان هم به کاروان #دیجیتالی جهان پیوست

محمد فهیم هاشمی: امنیت سایبری مردم یکی از اولویت های کاری ما است

Happy National Flag Day: This day is celebrated with great honor and communicative manner country wide Afghanistan.

Mohammad Fahim Hashimy, MCIT Acting Minister: Efforts are underway to reduce internet rates

Mohammad Fahim Hashimi: Any change of persons in Afghan Telecom Company is should be Stopped

Acting Minister of MCIT with Governor of Bamyan

Mohammad Fahim Hashimi: The Internet Cost Must Get Lower

Inauguration of Information Technology research Center in Information Technology Institute

Meeting with ATRA, Afghan Telecom and Internet service provider officials for reducing Internet prices and improving quality of the service.

Government Accountability Program to the Nation

Introducing postal service modernization

National Internet Exchange of Afghanistan