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Invitation For Bids (IFB)


Procurement Entities

Ministry of Communication and Information Technology “MOCIT”

Funded By

Government of Afghanistan/ Afghan Telecom Budget

Item Description

Procurement of Planning, Remote Fiber Test and Dark Fiber Monitoring System

Ref. No


Bid Security

The Bids must be accompanied with Bid Security in the form of a Bank Guarantee provided in the Bidding Documents at the amount USD 10,000 (US Dollar Ten). Or equivalent amount in any currency freely convertible to US Dollar. And valid for 148 days after the bids submission deadline. 

Deadline for Bid Submission

22/August/2019, 10:00(AM) hrs. (Local Kabul Time), Electronic submission of Bid is not allowed. Late bid will be reject.

Deadline for bid Opening

22/August/2019, 10:00(AM) hrs. (Local Kabul Time),

Note: In case the specified date of bid opening is declared a holiday for the purchaser, the bids shall be opened at the specified time on the next working day.

Address for Bid Submission

Secretary of Bid Opening, Deputy of Operation and Resources, National Procurement Authority (NPA); Administrative Office of the President (AOP).  Pashtunestan Watt, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Telephone No: 93 (0) 20-214-7488| + (93) 791 045 505

Emil Add:


A complete set of Bidding Documents in English may be obtained by interested bidders free of cost by downloading from the NPA website and Or may be obtained in a flash memory from the NPA office (1st Floor, Project Analysis and Program Development Directorate, National Procurement Authority (NPA), Administrative Office of the President (AOP), Pashtunestan Watt, Kabul, Afghanistan | Islamic Republic of Afghanistan). In case of any difficulty in downloading from website, interested bidders may contact at e-mail address: copied to


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