Minister Of Communications And Information Technology Signs Real Time Data Management System (RTDMS) Contract

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Alireza Khaliqyar

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Kabul, Afghanistan: Shahzad Aryobee Minister of Communications and Information Technology signed the contract of Real Time Data Management System with Mr. Joshua G. Bustos chairman of the BUSTOS Group LLC American Company in the presence of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on Wednesday, February 27, 2019. Minister of Communications and Information Technology, who attended a joint news conference at Government Information and Media Center said that the Real Time Data Management System is set to collect 10% tax for communication services and it's used across the country. The system, which costs $ 11,116,431 is responsible for reporting the revenue of the telecommunications sector, aims to gain true information via connection with telecommunication network system and help the general public in transparency in the process of collecting 10% of the taxes and other revenues of the telecommunication networks in the country. The Minister of Communications and Information Technology assured the people, that by creating a telecommunication tax collecting system complete transparency would be assured. He added that the government would be responsive to the acquisition of telecommunication service fees. Based on this contract, BUSTOS Group LLC Company will create a system for collecting 10% tax of the telecommunication services in 4-6 months, and also the Company is responsible of the operation, capacity development and maintenance of the system for up to 15 months.
Meanwhile, MR. Joshua-G Bustos the chairman of the contracting company, stressed that the system for collecting telecommunication services will be created at determined time and also he assured that his company had enough experience in this regard.
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