Minister's Speech

Minister’s message on the main achievement of the MCIT for the year 1397

Dear Guests, Media Representatives, Sisters and Brothers.

Asalam-u-alikum wa ramatullah wa barakatahu.


Today, I am pleased to present you the main achievements of the ministry of communications an information technology (MCIT) for the year 1397 and our plans for the year 1398. The telecommunications sector is a community-based infrastructure and contributes to the growth and promotion of all sectors. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is responsible for regulating and leading the telecommunication and technology sector.


The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has planned several major activities in 1397, most of them have been completed and some are being in operation.


Completed Activities

  1. The MCIT managed to raise the security of data storage in the Data Center by converting the security system (ASP. Net) to a new system Drupal. By creating this system, the existing problems on the websites have been resolved and their processing power has been improved.
  2. Installing the new Cloud system at the National Information Center of Afghanistan to upgrade the Information Center system. The aim of installing this system is to provide 3 types of services (website management system, Email, web hosting) for government departments and provide them context for installing IT services in the data center.
  3. Installing the National Internet Exchange of Afghanistan to control internet traffic in the country. The equipment of this project is installed and activated. Currently, there are 10 major internet companies connected with National Internet Exchange of Afghanistan (NIXA). Also Facebook server has been installed and connected to the NIXA Internet Sharing Center that provides Internet traffic control.
  4. We recruited 28 experts for the reform and development of the system. By hiring these experts, the human resource capacity has increased, which makes the implementation of development projects more effective and also the archive building of the Ministry is ready.  Paktia Province and Post Department have been equipped with online video conferencing system equipment
  5. To promote and develop e-governance, we launched passport online distribution system in Kabul and other provinces. The establishment of this system has made it easy for people to apply for passport.
  6. We recruited 35 people through the CBR process and 38 posts through salary scales for human capital development. Improvement and ease of work have been created by employing 73 people in the affairs of relevant departments and people, By employing 73 people in different departments, not only the quality of the work has been improved, but also saved time for people.
  7. Completion of procurement and installation process of 10GB cards in Aqina and Turgundi ports to increase the capacity of the Bandwidth. With the implementation of this project, the Bandwidth needed was supplied and the capacity and quality of the Internet has improved.
  8. Establishing a Criminal Crimes Research Lab, which improved the detection of offenders and reduced crime rates.
  9. The establishment of an Open Space office for e-passport staff members and customers. This has facilitated the work cycle for the customers.
  10. Establishing the Government Resource Planning (GRP). The GRP system has five parts (Human Resource, Finance, Procurement and Contracts, Projects, and Inventory). This project has successfully implemented at the ministry of communication and information technology and the Administrative Reform Commission. By implementation of this system, speed, efficiency, and transparency are achieved.
  11. Singing of MoU between the Afghan Ministry of Communications and Information and Technology the Uzbek Ministry of Development and Technology under the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan. By signing this MoU, the development of Internet services, the provision of cheap Internet and provision of transit for third countries have been provided.
  12.  About 12 MoUs have been signed with the ministries (Education, Higher Education, Interior Affairs, Finance and Women Affairs), ATRA, Kabul Municipality, Department of Population Registration, Afghan National Insurance Company and Aryana Afghan Airliner. With the implementation of these MoUs, partnerships and collaboration in implementation of projects have improved.
  13. The city of Zaranj is connected to the Zabul port by Fiber Optic Network, which facilitates internet telecommunication communications and improves the quality of communications.

Activities are being Implemented

  1. Installation and maintenance of the support system (Backup Site) of the National Information Center of Afghanistan.
  2. Establishing a real information system and Real Time Data Management System with telecommunication networks and the creation of a microwave internet network, the Real Time Data Management system and telecommunication networks to monitor the collection of 10% of the telecommunication service products.
  3. Creating a Digital Lab for building E-Library of Kabul University.
  4. Translation, Design and printing of e-governance documents and APCICT books.
  5. Conducting Feasibility studies for the implementation and project activities of the Digital CASA Project.
  6. Establishing Asan Khedmat call center for providing information on public services.
  7. Developing and establishing of application which help government staff members to get paid their salary via mobile phone.  
  8. Installing 300 post boxes at the MCIT, connecting 21 post offices to the central post office with internet facilities.  Creating a Post Sorting Center at the Institute of Communication and Information Technology and Installing Lockers.
  9. Digging and installing cables and SDH of Fiber Optic
  10. Completion of the procurement procedures, the installation of the Uplink Upgrade system in 34 provinces.


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