Mobile Governance and Capacity Building Initiatives

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Alireza Khaliqyar

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MCIT's Press Release on Selection of Contractors
Mobile Governance and Capacity Building Initiatives
1) Ministry of Communications & IT (MCIT) has launched special drives for achieving mobile governance in the Country, with focus on Capacity building and training in the ICT Sector. These Programs are funded by the World Bank, under Afghanistan's ICT Sector Development Project of MCIT.
2) Under the Project, MCIT aims to expand broadband connectivity, mainstream use of mobile applications across the Government and develop the capacity of IT sector to facilitate improved service delivery across Afghanistan while accelerating job creation and economic growth.
3) MCIT plans to have a commonly shared Mobile Platform on which 30 mobile applications will be hosted, for use by all the social sectors of the Country like Health, Education, Rural Development, Security, Finance, Transport, Municipality, Water and Energy etc. These applications will be accessed by the population of Afghanistan through Mobile Phones or through Internet.
The Contract for Mobile Platform has been awarded to UStronics of USA at a Price of 3,379,487 US Dollars.
4) MCIT has sought m-Government Advisory Services, Wherein 40 CIOs/Heads of IT Departments have already been trained in Turkey and another 82 IT Professionals have been trained at Kabul.
Strategies, Policies & Regulations will also be framed under these Services.
m-GCI of UK (in association with Net Links of Afghanistan) has been awarded this Contract at a Cost of 535,913 US Dollars.
5) MCIT has planned to create an Innovations Culture in the Country. Under this Program, Awards will be given to students and Organizations for developing applications which will benefit the Society.
This Program will be managed by Afghanistan Information Management Services (AIMS) at a Cost of 526,761 US Dollars. Awards worth 5.00 Million USD will be given during next three years.
AIMS will conduct Workshops, Technical Seminars, Training sessions, Brainstorming sessions, Symposia, TV Shows, Press Conferences, Radio Programs and other Marketing Campaigns/Initiatives to promote Innovations Culture in the Country.
6) MCIT has launched a Skills Development Program in the Country, under which Advanced level job-oriented IT training will be held. It is planned to train 1500 IT Professionals in the Country through these Bridging Programs. The following Companies have been selected to impart training during next three years:
a) Kardan Institute of Higher Education (KIHE) - Afghanistan has been awarded training Contract, with a Contract amount of 204,081 US Dollars.
b) InfoTech Global Private Limited (InfoTech) - Singapore has been awarded training Contract, with a Contract amount of 215,053 US Dollars.
c) RANA Technologies Enterprises (RTE) - Afghanistan has been awarded training Contract, with a Contract amount of 204,081 US Dollars.
Issued by: Ministry of Communications and IT,
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan