Magazine (ALEEKA)

History of the Magazine

The magazine (ALEEKA) of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) was established16 years ago, and in 2001 it began to publish its first volume in 4 pages.

 After several years, there have been a lot of positive changes in the quality and quantity of the magazine. The number of pages increased for 4 to 50. The ALEEKA magazine is reflecting the activities and achievements of the ministry of communications and information technology at the central and provincial levels. In one year (6000) and quarterly (1500) volumes of the ALEEKA magazine are published.

The magazine is sent out to different target audience including directorates of the ministry, provincial department, partners, and telecommunication private companies, government, media, school and university students, ICTI and other interested groups.

ALEEKA technical magazine has a special status among other governmental publications, and reflects on various topics and technological innovations that are taking place worldwide in technology sector and has been accepted by most of our readers. Our findings shows that most of the readers are always on the lookout for the new volume of the magazine, as most university students use some of the contains of the magazine for developing their monograph

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, in addition to publishing the ALEEKA magazine, publishes brochures and calendar too. The brochure briefly covers all important issues and annual achievements of the ministry

ALEEKA magazine is the product of the hard work of our publication team:

Mohammad Masoom Stanakzia:             Chief Editor

Mohammad Ashiq                                   Translator

Masooma Niazi                                        Reporter

Leda Rahmani                                          Designer

Wias Khan                                               Photographer

Ehsahn-u-llah Talash Totakhial              Distributor

       Abdul Aziz Stanikzai

Editor and cheif of Magazine Arika

Arika Publication of Ministry of Communications and IT issue month: March

  Arika, Publication of Ministry of Communication and IT Issue No3 - 1397

  Arika, Publication of Ministry of Communication and IT Issue No2 - 1397

  Arika, Publication of Ministry of Communication and IT Issue No1 - 1397