The Afghanistan Electronic Governance Center was inaugurated with the presence of high-ranking government officials

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Alireza Khaliqyar

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The Electronic Government Center under the umbrella of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology was opened by the Professor Dr. Homayoun Qayoumi senior advisor to the president and acting minister of the ministry of Finance and Shahzad Aryobee Minister of Communications and Information Technology. The objective of the Center is to accelerate the process of e-government in the country, to provide scientific research context by technical experts for introducing contemporary technologies and utilizing them in various sectors, formulating policies and strategies related to e-government and system connectivity in the country. At the opening of the center Shahzad Aryobee minister of Communications and Information Technology said that MCIT intends to promote e-government in the country. He added that the opening of this center is an important step towards creating an infrastructure for e-government that would bring transparency to public services. Professor Dr. Mohammad Humayoun Ghayomi Minister of Finance while congratulating the Ministry of Communications said that the establishment of this center is important step in the direction of expediting the delivery of effective services. He added that we are hopeful the Ministry of Communications and IT would cooperate with the ministry of Finance in the collection of taxes and revenues through electronic governance systems. The center operates in the development of e-Governance, e-learning, e-health services, electronic licensing, electronic taxes, electronic voting, electronic payments, and other sectors.
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