Contract Award Notice for Feasibility Study and Preparation of Bid Documents for Internet Exchange Including Cyber Security

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Alireza Khaliqyar

دنشر تاریخ

د ختمیدو تاریخ

Location Kabul

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Ministry of Communication and IT

Digital CASA Project


Contract Award Notice

Date: May 08, 2018


Ministry of Communication and Information Technology

Mohammad Jan Khan Watt, Kabul, Afghanistan

Contract being awarded:

Contract Name: The Feasibility Study and Preparation of Bid Documents for Internet Exchange Including Cyber Security


Name of Consultants Submitted Proposals:

  1. KazTransCom, Kazakhstan
  2. Monenco Group, Iran
  3. Packet Clearing House, USA

Successful Consultant:

Name: Packet Clearing House, USA

Contract Price: USD 75,268.80 (Seventy Five Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Eight Point Eighty US Dollars)

Contract Duration: 4 Months

Scope of Services:

In the light of the above objectives, a suitable comprehensive technical solution based on least cost routing for Internet exchange has to be prepared along with its feasibility. While developing such solution the consultant is expected to evaluate the current scenario of domestic and regional Internet traffic i.e. how it is routed among different ISPs and international careers, delay occurred during sending packet from ISP A to ISP B, share of domestic Internet traffic etc. The Strategy road map for such Internet Exchange should be supported with models adopted by regional countries having a similar Internet penetration/market.

The consultant will device technical solutions available for National Internet exchange and recommend best suited solution for Afghanistan’s environment and its advantages for the Industry.

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