Procurement of CISCO FIREPOWER 9300for AFTAL


دنشر تاریخ

د ختمیدو تاریخ


Ministry of Communication and IT

Afghan Telecommunication Corporation

International competitive bidding

Invitation for Bids


Procurement of CISCO FIREPOWER 9300for AFTAL

Contract No. MCIT-AFTEL/ICB/G-244/97

Date of Invitation for bid: 27 Nov, 2018

Deadline for Submission of Bids: 26 December, 2018
Time: 10:00 am; Kabul Local Time                  

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan financing MCIT-AFTEL/ICB/G-244/97,Procuring of Cisco firepower 9300 Afghan telecommunication the contractnamed above.

Ministry of Telecommunication and IT- Afghan Telecommunication Corporation (“the Employer”) invites sealed bids from eligible Bidders for theMCIT-AFTEL/ICB/G-244/97:Procuring of Cisco firepower 9300 for Afghan telecommunication Corporation.


Key qualifications as below 

  1. Financial Capability requirement


Bidder shall include a bank statement, unconditional line of credit or any other reputed document indicating their financial status and ability to perform the contract as follow:USD 165,000

  1. Experience and Technical Capacity


The Bidder shall furnish documentary evidence to demonstrate that it meets the following experience requirement(s):

  • Bidders must provide evidence of having executed at least one contract of similar nature within the period of last five years. Value of at least one similar contract executed in one year of the last 5 years must be equal to or more than the value indicated below:   (330,000.00 USD)
  • The minimum required average annual turnover volume of supplied goods for the successful Bidder in any of the last five (5) years shall be: 670,000 USD



The bidder must provide Tax Clearance of his past performance for the similar experience and average annual turnover volume as stated in rule of procedures for public procurement.


  1. Bid Security:

Bid shall include a Bid security in the form of bank guarantee issued by bank using the form included in section 4 of bidding form and will remain valid for a period of 148 daysfrom the date of Bid submission deadline.

The amount of bid security is 25,000 USD.


  1. Bid Submission Deadline and Address;

The deadline for submission of Bid is on;

DATE:   26 December, 2018- Time: 10:00 am - Kabul Local Time

In case the specified date of bid opening is declared a holiday for the purchaser, the bids shall be opened at the above specified time on the next working day


Address for submission of bid:


S. Kabir Sadat

Procurement Contract Assistant

Ministry of Communication and IT

Afghan Telecom Corporation

4th floor, post parcel building

Muhammad Jan Khan Watt

Kabul, Afghanistan

Contact No; +93 (0) 744419027        


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