About the Ministry


The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology was established in 1955, when the country had one-to-one wired telephone network only, as part of communications facilities, which was later developed to a small telephone facility. The Ministry then pushed to the next development of the time through providing telegraph services. However, it was used for military purposes only.

Throughout the Ministry history, it has been a sole source for providing modern communications facilities to the people and government. As part of its initiatives, Afghanistan became member of the International Telegraph Union (ITU) in 1928. This had been a major achievement of the time for the country, ensuring the country access to major communications facilities.

In 1960s, Afghanistan has been connected to the world through international radio transceiver that was installed in Kabul.

After formation of interim government in 2001 followed by elected government, new legislations were introduced to encourage private sectors to invest in different fields, including telecommunications. Many private companies emerged in communications and information technology sector providing many communication services. Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is one of the political entities in the country that designs new relevant strategies and policies that enables private sector to increase level of investment in communication sector and provide better communication and information technology services.



The Mandate of Ministry of Communication and IT (MCIT) is to Provide high Quality Communication, IT and Postal Services for the Afghan People at Affordable prices. The Ministry has been Actively Advocating for a Positive change in the Society by Connecting the Afghan People to Knowledge and Resources, which will enable them to Improve the quality of their lives. The Afghan Government aims to establish a stable and Democratic Political Environment, rule of law, and a Favorable Regulatory Environment for Business


The vision of the Ministry of Communication and IT is to transform Afghanistan into Information Society.