Provision of 22.5 Gig Internet Servicesfor Afghan Telecom Corporation


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د ختمیدو تاریخ

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Provision of 22.5 Gig Internet Servicesfor Afghan Telecom Corporation





National Procurement Authority (NPA) on behalf of Ministry of Communication &Information Technology/Afghan Telecom Corporationinvites sealed bids from eligible and qualified bidders for Provision of 22.5 Gig Internet Services,IFB No: NPA/MOCIT/97/NCS-2313 /ICB.


Bidding will be conducted through the International Competitive Bidding (ICB) procedures specified in the Procurement Law and Procedure of Afghanistan and are open to all eligible countries.


Interested eligible bidders may download bid document in English version from NPA Website:  or obtain by email from address:  copy to:,,or receive by flash memory at the address given below from 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM on any working day from Saturday to Wednesday. On Thursday from 08:00 AM to 03:00 PM.


All bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security (Bank Guarantee)mentioned as below in USD or an equivalent amount in a freely convertible currency

Bid Security (USD) or an equivalent amount in a freely convertible currency.

Valid as per below


28 Days Beyond Bid Validity Period (02June 2019)


A pre-bid Meeting will be held on 24 December 2018, 10.00 AM (Local Time) at below Address:

Address:          Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Afghan Telecom Corporation Main Office, Post and Parcel Building, 4th Floor, Mohammad Jan khan Watt, Kabul, Afghanistan

Attention:     Babrak Haidari

Telephone:Mob. +93 (0) 749 416 409, (0) 786 222 303


Bids must be delivered to the address below at or before 10.00 AM (local time) on05 January2019.Electronic bidding will not be permitted. Late bids will be rejected. Bids are notbeing opened immediately after the deadline of bid submission at the same place of bid submission, in the presence of the bidders’ representatives who choose to attend in person.


The address referred to above is:

Address:         Administrative Office of the President, National Procurement Authority (NPA), Geodesy Building, 1th Floor, Pashtunistan Watt, Kabul, Afghanistan

Attention:     Aziz Ahmad Rodwal, Procurement Specialist


Telephone:     +93-020-2147557- 0791045561




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