Contract Award Notice



Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT)

Mohammad Jan Khan Watt, Kabul, Afghanistan

Contract being awarded:

Contract Name: Procurement of Critical Upgrade of Afghanistan National Data Center (ANDC) - Non IT Equipment

RFP No: MCIT-DC/PIU/2020/G-5

Procurement Method: International Competitive Bidding (ICB)

Bidders Submitted Bids:



Bid Price as Read Out

Evaluated Bid Price


Alef Technology

AFN 9,379,901.42

AFN 9,379,901.42


Kabul Skyscrapers Services Co

AFN 8,137,208

AFN 8,137,208


Grand Technology Resources GTR

USD 94,303

USD 93,403


Successful Bidder:


Grand Technology Resources SDN, BDH, D-26650

Contract Price:

AFN 7,215,381.75 (Seven Million Two Hundred Fifteen Thousand Three Hundred Eighty-One Point Seventy-Five Afghanis).

Contract Duration:

90 Days for Delivery + 365 Days for Services after issuance of the Commencement Letter.

Scope of Project:

Supply Installation and Services of the Non-IT equipment required for upgrade of Afghanistan National Data Center of MCIT.



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