The following companies implemented some of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology projects.

Globecomm Systems Inc., a corporation organized under the lows of the State of Delaware, with a principal place of business at 45 Oser Avenue, Hauppauge, New York.
The following contracts have been signed with this company:
District communications Network (DCN), Earth Station, Government Communications Network (GCN), Spectrum Monitoring Station.


Incorporated company of China having office at ZTE Plaza , Keji Road South , Hi-Tech Industrial Park , Nanshan District , Shenzhen P.R. China.

The contract has been signed with this company for the Implementation of Digital telephone Switches and CDMA WLL equipments in 11 Provinces and the total subscriber lines in this project is 91,000 CDMA and Fixed lines.


Huawei Technology company Ltd. Bantian. Longgang district. Shenzhen. China.

The Huawei technology company is providing Digital Telephone switches and CDMA WLL equipment in 12 provinces and the total subscriber lines in this project are 113,000 CDMA and Fixed lines.


Siemens aktiengesellschaft, a joint stock corporation organized and existing under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany with its registered seat in Berlin.

The Siemens Company is providing Digital Telephone switches for 50,000 subscriber lines for Heratt province and this total line has been proposed with cooperation of private sector (Sarafraz Khurasan).