A high ranking delegation headed by Hossein Oni Botsali, the former representative of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Afghanistan, accompanied by the officials of 77 construction companies of Turkey, Meet With MCIT Minister

Mon, Dec 05 2022 3:19 PM
وزیر مخابرات

At the outset, while welcoming the delegation, the minister of MCIT appreciated their reconstruction assistance in Afghanistan.

Likewise, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology mentioned Turkey, which shares religious and cultural ties with Afghanistan, as an important Islamic country.

In this meeting, Mr. Hossein Oni Botsali and the representatives of 77 companies expressed that they can provide help to Afghanistan in implementing services (including Infrastructural projects, technical training of Afghan cadres, reconstruction of destroyed systems, and the use of their fifth satellite, which is currently launched), through which Afghanistan will have access to the high-quality Internet and telecommunications facilities.

Mr. Botsali proposed to the Minister of MCIT to specify them the sectors as examples so that this company would help the MCIT in their construction as their gift. The two sides agreed to form a professional and technical team in this regard.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology assured that due to better security, the absence of corruption, and considering the geographical location of Afghanistan, suitable facilities have been provided in Afghanistan and investors can invest with confidence using these facilities.

In terms of their proposals to help MCIT in the development of telecommunications and information technology in Afghanistan, Alhaj Haqani assured that taking into account the interests of the two countries and after a technical and expert discussion they will take action for their implementation.