BRIEF Biography of Naweed Sharifi, Website Manager of the MCIT

Naweed Sharifi

Naweed Sharifi, the son of Mulla Baba Sharifi, was born into an intellectual family in Kabul province on 03/11/1986.

He graduated from high school with a degree in radio and television from the (Takhnic Sanavi) High School in 2006 with honors and on April 24, 2016, he entered Maiwand Private University. And on January 30, 2020, with a grade point average of 85.06%, the total transcript scores were obtained from the Faculty of Computer Science (database department), From 2007 to 2008, in the course (Amozishga-e-Hali Amozish), as a computer Trainer, he served as a fan of computer programs, and in this regard, he did not hesitate to provide any kind of service to the fans and caused appreciation. On 05/17/2008, after passing a competitive exam as a professional employee in the Department of e-Government until 05/21/2020, he honestly served as the former President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (Mr. Hamid Karzai) by decree number (88) Received a second-degree letter of appreciation, and from the Former Minister of Communications and Information Technology (Mr. Amirzai Sangin) and a third-degree letter of appreciation.

From 5/21/2020 to now 08/09/2021 he has honestly served in the Media Unit of the Ministry of Communications and IT as responsible Website Manager. He was awarded a third-degree certificate by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology (Masoumeh Khavari) for the effort in the field of information, collecting information and publishing it to National languages and English as soon as possible, information through the online system of access to information to citizens and applicants, and until now he is the Responsible Website Manager of the Ministry of Communication and IT.

He is married and has two sons and a daughter.


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