The Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with Afghan Wireless Telecom and ISP Companies

Thu, Jun 17 2021 6:02 PM
امضاء تفاهمنامه

Following the connection of 24 Internet service provider companies with the National Internet Exchange Center of Afghanistan (NIXA), six more companies will connect to this center by signing the agreement.
The agreement was signed in the presence of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Masooma Khavari, Head of Information Systems Security Department, and representatives of the mentioned companies on Wednesday, 17, 6, 2021.
امضا تفاهمنامه

At the ceremony, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology called the NIXA infrastructure one of the most important development projects of the MCIT. She said that the essential goal of NIXA is to internalize Internet traffic in the country. 
She expressed that the implementation of the NIXA project would make the information of Internet users safer, improve the quality and reduce the prices of Internet services.  
At today's meeting, Afghan Wireless, Io-Global, Ankabut, Network Zone, Cyber Telecom Company, and Vital Telecom Companies signed the memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
At the same time, Etisalat Telecommunication Company as the first and Afghan Wireless Telecommunication as the second company connected to NIXA were honored by awarding appreciation statue. 
The Afghan Wireless Telecommunication Company, which is previously connected to via microwave, will now be connected through fiber optics by signing this memorandum.

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