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The Mandate of Ministry of Communication and IT (MCIT) is to Provide high Quality Communication, IT and Postal Services for the Afghan People at Affordable prices. The Ministry has been Actively Advocating for a Positive change in the Society by Connecting the Afghan People to Knowledge and Resources, which will enable them to Improve the quality of their lives. The Afghan Government aims to establish a stable and Democratic Political Environment, rule of law, and a Favorable Regulatory Environment for Business.


The vision of the Ministry of Communication and IT is to transform Afghanistan into Information Society.

Priorities of MCIT for the next three years:

. To deliver the Telecom and IT services to remote areas throughout the country
. To supply high speed internet to the people in Afghanistan
. To design, develop and deploy the technical platform of the National Identity Card (NID) and provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Interior (MoI) on the successful implementation of project"
. To extend the fiber optic network in the country
. To replace the existing analogue television (TV) broadcasting systems by digital TV broadcasting systems in the country and tighten regulations for broadcasting companies
. To enhance the capacity of the Afghan government by introducing the concept of e-Government and encourage all the ministries to integrate ICT within their main work
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Recent achievements of MCIT

  • . Issued Licenses to Etisalat , MTN , Roshan and AWCC for 3G services
  • . More than 80% of residential area of the country has been covered by the telecom services
  • . Monthly price of 1MB Internet for GSM companies and ISPs has been reduced to 67 US Dollars
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Telecom Statistics End of September 2015
GSM Subscribers 24,154.608
GSM Active Subscribers 18,791237
3G Services Subscribers 1,859.976
CDMA Subscribers 295.078
Fixed Telephone Lines 105.310
Investments in US$ 2,252,686,684.64
Telecom Base Stations 6.319
Population Coverage Over 89%

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