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Alireza Khaliqyar
Mon, Dec 31 2018 10:01 AM

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About Ministry of communication and IT

The Mandate of Ministry of Communication and IT (MCIT) are to Provide high Quality Communication, IT and Postal Services for the Afghan People at Affordable prices. The Ministry has been Actively Advocating for a Positive change in the Society by Connecting the Afghan People to Knowledge and Resources, which will enable them to Improve the quality of their lives. The Afghan Government aims to establish a stable and Democratic Political Environment, rule of law, and a Favorable Regulatory Environment for Business.
Vision :
The vision of the Ministry of Communication and IT is to transform Afghanistan into technology Information Society.
Priorities of MCIT: 
• To deliver the Telecom and IT services to remote areas throughout the country 
• To supply high speed internet to the people in Afghanistan 
• To design, develop and deploy the technical platform of the National Identity Card (NID) and provide ide technical assistance to the Ministry of Interior (MoI) on the successful implementation of project" 
• To extend the fiber optic network in the country 
• To replace the existing analogue television (TV) broadcasting systems by digital TV broadcasting systems in the country and tighten regulations for broadcasting companies 
• To enhance the capacity of the Afghan government by introducing the concept of e-Government and encourage all the ministries to integrate ICT within their main work

Job Summary

The Senior Procurement Advisor will be responsible for overall assistance in procuring goods and services including but not limited to consulting, ICT and construction equipment and services. The Procurement Advisor will provide advices on the better processes of procurement internally at the Ministry and the procurement in coordination with other relevant agencies/suppliers, in particular, National Procurement Authority (NPA). She/he will work closely with the procurement directorate of the ministry and will report to the Minister.

Job Details

Date Posted:

31 Dec 2018


MCIT – NTA – 19-01-02

Closing Date:

07 Jan 2019

Work Type:

Full Time

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Functional Area:

Business Administration

Open Ended:




Salary Range:

As per NTA Salary Scale Policy

Contract Type:


Years of Experience:

6 Year(s)

Contract Duration:

0 Year(s) & 0 Month(s)

Extension Possibility:


Probation Period:

3 Months

Duties and Responsibilities

Scope of Work:
The Senior Procurement Advisor will report to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). She/he will advise procurement director on issues related to procurement of large (retailer) and small scales purchasing. She/he will work closely and provide support to the director and staff members of procurement directorate. She/he will also be responsible to train, mentor procurement directorate staff members to enhance their capacity to handle the tasks according to the demands of the Ministry and in close coordination with NPA. The detailed tasks and responsibilities that will be carried out by the Procurement Advisor are as follow: 
• Review the current procurement procedures and identify the challenges;
• Provide advice and recommendations on how to address identified challenges in the procurement processes in light of directions and guidance of the Minister and in close coordination with NPA;
• Develop procurement plan in close engagement of the procurement directorate’s staff members and other relevant directorates;
• Ensure that procurement plan is implemented accordingly;
• Make sure that all procurement processes and procedures are followed according to the GoIRA procurement law and regulations;
• Ensure that there is better coordination established between the NPA and the MCIT Procurement Directorate in relations to speed up the procurement of the goods and services according to the procurement plan;
• Provide advice to the minister on procurement of goods and services that has been planned under the ordinary and development budget (off/on);
• Ensure that each directorate/department that has procurement of goods and services in the plan is alerted in timely manner to start the procurement process and preparation of necessary documents and information for the procurement;
• Review all procurement documents related to each single procurement and purchase (i.e. RFP, RFQ) before it goes to the announcement stage and ensure that all parts are according to the law and regulations and there are no discrepancies in the relevant documents ;
• Be engaged in evaluations of all offers and related documents with the procurement committee assigned for such purpose;
• Ensure that all processes of procurement are transparent and open to any enquiries required by the Minister and NPA;
• Help and support the procurement directorate team and director in development of contracts after the winning bodies are identified;
• Review the final contracts before they go to the signing stage and ensure there are no such elements/contents that are against the terms of reference, law and regulations and the demands of the RFP/RFQ issued for such purpose;
• Build capacity of the procurement directorate staff members, in particular, the director that they will be able to conduct these processes by themselves;
• Mentor the procurement directorate’s team and director on how to make sure that procurement of goods and services are done according to the plan;
• Ensure that all barriers to the procurement processes are addressed on timely basis and the processes are not delayed to have negative impacts on the performance of the MCIT and its commitments;
• Help and support the procurement directorate team and director in development of an inventory list of all MCIT related assets;
• Ensure that all assets are tagged and have special assigned tag numbers in accordance to the database;
• Advise on establishment of full digitized procurement systems of all goods and services and make sure the implementation of such systems;
• Develop a roaster of suppliers and goods and services;
• Initiate the development and time-by-time updates of goods and equipment’s price roaster according to the market – either national or international;
• Provide regular and ad hoc reports on the status of the procurement in comparison to the procurement plan;
• Conduct any other task assigned by the Minister;


Competencies and Required Qualities:
• Be aware and have a knowledge of Government Procurement Policy and associated regulations;
• Know and understands the standard terms and conditions in contracts and how they should applied;
• Have limited contract law knowledge but aware of the legal implications;
• Understand sourcing, tendering processes, tender evaluations, contracting processes, concept of value of money, understand the principals, tools and techniques of basic negotiation etc.
• Comply with procedural needs/ adheres to rules and procedures;
• Customer Focused, Driver for Result, Dealing with ambiguity, Integrity and Trust, Decision Quality, problem solving;
• Ability to prepare plan for organization or department and responsibility of managing financial, HR and technical fields.
• Ability to prepare documents in the technical fields and to represent from it in related meetings.
• Contributes to the development of organizational strategies and implement them across the division or organization/ project. 
• Ability to taking the required decisions, planning and finding solutions for various problems and challenges.


• Master’s / Bachelor degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, Economics or other related fields required. 
• Minimum of 6 years of relevant professional experience with Master Degree and at least 10 years relevant working experience with bachelor degree is required.
• Experience in public procurement with government agencies, which includes managerial and coordination responsibilities as well as application of teaching/learning approaches in a professional procurement context is an asset.
• Certification/Diploma in procurement management, financial management is an asset;

Job Location

Afghanistan - Kabul


Bachelors Degree, Business Administration

Submission Guideline

Interested of Afghan nationals should submit their updated application comprises your CV and a one-page cover letter explaining your interest and suitability for the advertised position TO:
Human Resource Directorate, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.
Females are highly encouraged to apply.
The vacancy announcement is open only for Afghan national(s).

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