Response and views of the Ministry of Communications on the recent report of Ofoq News Agency

Sun, Sep 06 2020 4:59 PM

Recently, Ofoq News Agency, citing the claims of the legal advisor of Afghan Telecom, published a report on its website about the decrease in sales of Salam Telecommunication Network, which the Ministry of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Science completely denies.

While rejecting these claims, the ministry leadership explicitly believes that over the past year, the management of the Afghan telecom company Telecom has become more serious and its operations have become much more law-abiding. Contrary to the allegations, all decisions and executions in this company are made in accordance with the law, business plans and articles of association of the company, and conversely, monopoly and abuse of powers, resources and facilities in this company has been greatly reduced and even eliminated.

The most important achievements of the Afghan Telecom and the Ministry of Finance are saving about $ 41 million from the understanding of unnecessary projects, increasing the company's gross revenue to 48 percent and 19 percent (more than two billion Afghani) and earning 10 billion Afghani in the fiscal year 1398. With this account, Afghan Telecom is one of the most profitable companies among state-owned companies, which provides telecommunication services to our dear compatriots all over the country.

Undoubtedly, these positive actions will probably narrow the space for some people, and from time to time, they will start making such baseless accusations and spreading false information. Interestingly, Afghan Telecom Legal Advisor, cited by Ofoq News Agency as the source of his report, not only did not report the report to the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Finance; Rather, he called the publication of these claims a misunderstanding.

In any case, in spite of what has been said, the Ministry of Communications, in order to state the facts, facts and enlighten the public opinion, considers it necessary to answer the accusations one by one as follows, thus proving the baselessness of the allegations:

First: Regarding the claim of revenue
reduction (pick up) of Salam network from 300 to 130 million Afghani , despite the problems caused by the quarantine period and closure of offices and institutions, although the amount of revenue of Salam network has slightly decreased or increased; But the distribution of hi-tech network cards, including E-Top up and SIM card sales, has never been reduced to 130 million afghanis, so the claim of reduced revenue is a baseless claim, and the distribution of script cards is by no means a factor. Decreasing or increasing the company's revenue is not.

The table below shows the sales of Salam network on a monthly basis during the last six months of 2020, and contrary to the claims, the sales of this network are stable and by implementing the plans and programs that this network has in hand, in the years The future of revenue and sales will increase.

Second: Allegations
about hiring unknown people in the name of advisers About hiring consultants According to the report (unknown people), it should be simply said that not only people under this name, but also no consultants have been hired in the positions mentioned in the report.

Third; The allegation of non-standard contracts The
fact that there is no clarity about the allegation of "violation of the rules during the procurement process" indicates that this allegation is untrue.

Fourth: Allegations of Illegal Use of Afghan Telecom Properties
During the past year, none of the properties of Afghan Telecom, whether movable or immovable, have been used by any other person or entity.

Fifth: Regarding the non-spending of the development budget
, it is clear from the text of the memo that the claimant did not even know about the consumption of the company budget and which Afghan Telecom company, under the name of development budget, never included any figure in its plans. On the contrary, during 1399, Afghan Telecom has saved $ 41 million from the understanding of various projects.

Sixth: The issue of Mr. Golnavaz Malek becoming Mr.
Tassi from the decision of the company's board, which is the highest decision-making authority, for completely legal reasons, including poor performance, has been transferred from his previous position (Head of Simdar Market) to the position of General Manager of Kandahar Zone.

Note: It should be noted that the legal advisor of Afghan Telecom Company, despite the efforts of the officials of the internal audit department of the company, has not been willing to provide documents on its claims, which is confirmed by the report of the Audit Office.

This report can be viewed on the Ofogh News Agency click here.