The Real Time Data Management System equipment delivered to the Ministry of Communications and IT

Mon, Oct 07 2019 3:17 PM
در مسیر شفافیت و پاسخگویی، وسایل سیستم ریل تایم به گونه کامل به وزارت مخابرات تسلیم داده شد

Recently, The Real Time Data Management System equipment arrived in Kabul and was officially delivered to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

According to the guidance of Mohammad Fahim Hashimi minister of MCIT, the system will soon be connected to provide transparency in the process of collection 10% telecom service tax.

After receiving the Real Time Data Management system equipment, it is expected to be installed and used within the next two weeks.

By installing these devices, private and state-owned telecommunications companies will be connected to the system and the process of tax collection will become more transparent.

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