Practical steps towards making government offices Electronic

Sun, Sep 13 2020 3:51 PM

Following the approval of the Transactions and Electronic Signing Act, the way has now paved for electronic access and connectivity through Govnet as a secure and internal network of government offices.

The, called Internal Email System, Data Center and Govnet Network are the three factors that provide the possibility of connecting government offices with the internet and intranet.

To this end, a meeting chaired by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohammad Fahim “Hashimi”, and attended by Mr. Latif Rai, Deputy Minister for Policy and Program, Director of Digital CASA, and project expert sheld yesterday afternoon, September 12th, 2020.

The meeting hada detailed and comprehensive discussion on how to implement the program, providing the necessary facilities and equipment, and the expected results.


At this meeting, the Director of Digital CASA was instructed to provide a priority framework and schedule for the government offices designated to be connected to the Internet through this project and also provide the necessary technical information on govnet Network equipment specifications and estimated prices at the next meeting.

The meeting also discussed how to increase the work capacity and security of the Data Center so that the necessary equipment and tools can be followed through the procurement process.