Working Visits of Minister of Communication and Information Technolgy to the USA

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Alireza Khaliqyar

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Islamic republic of Afghanistan
Ministry of Communications & Information Technology
Spokesman and Public Relations Office
Press Release
Date: 2018/5/20
Minister of Communications and Information Technology Shahzad Aryobee , met with top officials from leading international IT companies and government authorities during his working visit to the United States of America.
Minister of Communications and Information Technology Shahzad Aryobee, accompanying with ambassador of Afghanistan to the US Hamdullah Mohib met with the Senior Adviser of the US Trade Department and his team during his working visit to the USA.
While appreciating American assistance to the people of Afghanistan Shahzad Aryobee talked about the progress made in the field of telecommunications and information technology in the last 15 years and asked them for fully cooperation with the Afghan people, especially in the development of the telecommunications and information technology sector.
In a series of his meetings Minister of Communications and Information Technology Shahzad Aryobee along with Senior Advisor to the President Professor Dr. Mohammad Homayoun Qayomi, and councilor of the Embassy of Afghanistan to the U.S Ms. Madinah Qasemi,met with Director of International Trade at Microsoft Corporation Mr. Matthew Reisman.
During this meeting, the two sides discussed and exchanged views over the provision of special licenses for Afghanistan, effectively using the programs of Microsoft, such as Windows and MS-Office, to collaborate on e-learning through providing useful materials for schools, the capacity building of the state employees in particular the technical team of MCIT, and providing effective data backup as a way to provide high-quality low-cost services.
In his trip minister Aryobee also met with Senior Vice President of CISCO Michel Taymani while the Senior Advisor to the President of Afghanistn Dr. M. Homayoun Qayyumi also was present in the meeting.
Both sides discussed over the promotion of Internet of things, upgrading capacity of the information security, discounts on sales CISCO’s products to the Afghan government, collaboration at the Operational Center of Cyber Security, and other important issues related to the Internet and cyber security.
In a chain of his meetings, Minister of MCIT Shahzad Aryobee, met with General Director of the ORACLE Corporation.
Minister Aryobee first provided detailed information in terms of the current state of e-government platform, In addition, Shahzad Aryobee asked a special discount in licensing of software and the renewal of its edition to the Afghan government. He also talked about the centralization of ORACLE licenses and expressed that it would be controlled through the Afghan Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
Subsequently, he talked about mentioned corporation’s support regarding Afghan Cloud and the capacity building the staff of MCIT.
On the sidelines of his visit, Minister Shahzad Aryobee met with representative of the people of Texas, and the head of the IT department in the United States Senate Mr. Will Hurd, the two focused the progress made in the telecom sector over the last 15 years and the continued cooperation of the United States with Afghanistan.