All Afghan Univerities connects to the world Universities

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Alireza Khaliqyar

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 Date 31/7/2012

   Press release


The ministries of telecommunication and IT and Higher Education sign a memorandum of understanding entitled “role of telecom and information technology in higher education”. Based on the agreement MCIT will provide financial and technical assistance to ministry of higher education to connect the universities of Afghanistan and then connecting them to with world Universities using Fiber Optic through Development telecommunication Fund. As the result of this cooperation, universities of the country will be connected to national research and education network, and the students and teachers will have the opportunity to have access to global and other research resources.

In order to achieve the purposes of the agreement a 3million dollar budget has been set for the first phase of the cooperation in 1391.

It is noteworthy that according to law, the development telecom services fund is run by ATRA. The fund is supported of 2, 5 % revenue of telecommunication companies. And it is spent for delivering telecommunication services to the remote areas of the country and promotion of information technology to those areas.



Ministry of Communication & IT