Administrative and Finance Deputy Minister

His Excellency Professor Dr Hadi Hedayati, Deputy Admin and Finance Minister of MCIT, Afghanistan

Deputy Administrative and FinanceDr. Hadi Hedayati associate professor was born in a family of intellectuals in Kabul city. He completed his elementary studies in Abdul Ali Mostaghni High School in 1996. Having successfully passed the National Entrance Exam, he continued his higher education at Science Faculty of Kabul University. In 2000, he obtained his BA degree and was later, selected as an academic member of the Science Faculty of the Kabul University.

After completing and defending his research thesis on E-Commerce, he was promoted to the position of assistant professor. After securing a scholarship in 2006, he kept on his higher education in Western Cape University in the Republic of South Africa and obtained his Master’s Degree in the field of Communications and Information Technology (ICT). After returning home, he was promoted to the position of Associate Professor and the meantime, was appointed as the head of the Computer Science Department at the Faculty of Information Technology at Kabul University. After having written and defended his scientific treatise on Information & cyber security, Mr.  Hedayati was promoted to the position of academic Professor.

Using a state-owned Scholarship, in 2012, Mr. Hedayati attended a Doctoral program at the University of Talen in the Estonia. After successfully completing his doctoral research, Dr. Hedayati returned to the country and according to the proposal NO (131) dated 5/1/2017 of ministry of communication and information technology and decree NO (3490) dated 5/1/2017 of the presidency of Islamic republic of Afghanistan he appointed as deputy admin and finance minister of MCIT Afghanistan

Dr. Hedayati after compiling of computer engineering book dated 7/6/2017 promoted to the rank of associate professor  

Dr. Hedayati has so far, published many scientific works through national and international Journals and Magazines and also has attended several national and international conferences on behalf of Afghanistan and ICT sector.

During this period, in addition to his teaching job and academic researches, he has had technical and vocational engagement in various non-government projects, such as the UN, Japan’s JICA Business projects and etc.