Ministry of Communications and IT holds a meeting on the digitization of ministries and agencies

Thu, Dec 24 2020 3:21 PM
محترمه معصومه خاوری

Masooma Khawari, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, chaired a meeting, ‎which was held with the aim how to fulfill the President's instructions on improving knowledge, ‎strategy and initiative and digital innovation on Thursday, 4 December, 2020. ‎
Deputy Minister of Policy and Program, heads of various departments of the Ministry, advisors and ‎specialists of the Ministry of Public Administration, representatives of the Ministries of Public Health, ‎Higher Education, Education, Finance, National Statistics and Information Office, Da Afghanistan Bank, ‎National Radio and Television were the participants of the meeting. ‎
Referring to the goals of the MCIT and the emphasis of the government leadership on the ‎digitalization of ministries and departments, minister Khawari, called for serious cooperation from ‎relevant sectors in this regard.‎
Minister Khawari said that the transition from the current situation and reaching out to the digital ‎community is the needs of the current age.‎

Then Mr. Ahmad Masood Latif-Rai, Deputy (Policy and Programs) Minister of Communications and IT,  ‎spoke on the President's instructions on (Digital Knowledge, Digital Strategy, Speed in Affairs, ‎Improvement of Supervision Affairs, Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and provided the ‎necessary information. 

احمد مسعود لطیف رای

Representatives of various agencies also shared their views and pledged to work together to achieve ‎these goals.‎