Meeting of relevant departments on connecting schools to the Internet and solving the challenges in this project

Sun, Jan 10 2021 2:35 PM
پروژه وصل مکاتب

Communications and Information Technology, ATRA officials, Ministry of Education, Technical and Vocational Education, National Development and heads of departments of the Afghan Telecom Company. 
the session discussed the issues of connecting 160 schools to the Internet via fiber optics and connecting 500 schools through Point to Point and WiMAX technology, extension the contract period of 101 schools through fiber optics, how to equip the Lab of connected schools with computer, The change of 219 schools through Point to Point and WiMAX and the Budget for purchasing necessary equipment for the internet of the said schools.
At the outset, Mr. Ahmad Masood Latif Rai, Deputy (Policy and Program) Minister of MCIT, welcoming the participants provided information about the agenda of the meeting, and then the representatives of the relevant departments presented their ideas on how to solve the problems that have arisen in the way of connecting some schools to the Internet.

احمد مسعود لطیف رای

The meeting instructed, the relevant departments’ officials to create a committee consisting of representatives of the related departments to solve the challenges.