A meeting between the relevant departments and G42 officials was held

Mon, Jan 11 2021 11:19 AM
تقویت حکومتداری الکترونیکی

The meeting toke place with the presence of Masooma Khawari Minister of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Mr. Ataullah Nasib director of Investment Facilitation Unit of the administrative office of the President, Mr. Javid Ahmad ambassador of Afghanistan to Abu Dhabi, Mr. Mohammad Omar Ansari director of ATRA, Mr. Bahadur Helali Deputy Director of the National Statistics Office, and officials from G42 Company, at the Presidential Palace on Sunday, January 10, 2021. 
The purpose of this meeting was to strengthen e-government. 
While welcoming the participants, advisor to the administrative office of the President provided detailed information about the G42 Company. He said that the meeting was held as per the President's views and instructions on e-government. 
Then, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology spoke about the issue and the effectiveness of e-government. Masooma Khawari emphasized on usage of the experiences of developed countries, at the national and trans-regional level.


The Director of the Investment Facilitation Unit also shared comprehensive information on e-Governance, integrating systems, and networking through video conference.  He emphasized the need to transform primitive systems into modern ones.
Also, The Afghan ambassador to Abu Dhabi via video conference, the director of the ATRA and the deputy director of the National Statistics and Information Office spoke about the issue and the role of the relevant departments respectively.

سفیر افغانستان در ابوظبی

At the end of the meeting, the technical team of the MCIT presented their plans and views in the field, and comprehensive technical discussions took place on the topics.