MCIT: Efforts to expand internet services across all parts of the country

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Alireza Khaliqyar
Mon, Jul 08 2019 12:41 PM
د مخابراتو او معلوماتي ټکنالوجۍ وزارت سرپرست محترم محمد فهيم هاشمي د افغانستان د انټرنټي ټولنې په کنفرانس کې د ګډون تر څنګ په خپلو خبرو کې د انټرنټي خدماتو شرکتونو د بېو او همدا راز د افغان ټېلې کام مخابراتي شرکت د عمده نرخونو د کمښت په اړه خبرې وکړې. د مخابراتو او معلوماتي ټکنالوجۍ وزارت سرپرست وویل چې د افغان ټېلې کام مخابراتي شرکت سره چې د انټرنټ عمده واردوونکی دی، بحثونه روان دي تر څو د انټرنټ عمده نرخونه را کم کړي او ټينګار يې وکړ چې دا تخفیف باید د شرکتونو مشتریان ته ورسېږي. ښاغلي هاشمي ددغه غونډې له

Mohammad Fahim Hashimi acting minister of communications and Information Technology, attended the conference of Internet Governance Forum of Afghanistan on Monday, July 8, 2019.

 At the Conference, the minister of Communications and Information Technology talked over reducing the Internet prices of Internet service provider Companies (ISPs) and the wholesale prices of the Afghan Telecom Company.

 According to the minister of Communications and Information Technology negotiations with Afghan Telecom the leading Internet importer and supplier in the country are ongoing to reduce the wholesale rate of the internet.

 He emphasized that the discount should reach the customers of the companies.

"Utilizing the internet is the right of every Afghan citizen and we are trying to expand the use of the Internet in all parts of the country," he said.

In the last few years the Growth and development of the Internet was significant and impressive and no work without the Internet would be possible in the next 15 years.

Further he said that the focus is on infrastructure construction and the development of the country's fiber-optic network in order to deliver better services and facilitate access to the secure Internet in all areas.

Minister Hashimi added that "The private sector is one of the most important information technology sector in the country, and MCIT is ready to engage in any kind of cooperation with this sector,”

Subsequently, while thanking MCIT for its sincere cooperation Mr. Umar Mansoor Ansari Board Member of (IGFA) praised efforts of the Ministry in communications and Information Technology development.

It is worth mentioning that the Internet Governance Forum of Afghanistan (IGFA) conference is holding for three years by Internet Society Afghanistan, which provides a forum for discussing the challenges and opportunities of the ICT sector, in particular the development of the Internet.

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