MCIT: accountable for every Mb internet

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Alireza Khaliqyar
Mon, Jul 15 2019 10:46 AM
MCIT: accountable for every Mb internet

Acting minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohammad Fahim Hashimi visited the Fiber Optic and Internet Distribution section of Afghan Telecom Company.

At the meeting with officials of the Afghan Telecom Company minister Mohammad Fahim Hashimi directed the authorities to be precise in the area of providing Internet services.

He stressed saying that even in the amount of one Afghani people's money should not be lost.

Minister Hashimi added that Afghan Telecom Company as a provider of Internet services should account for every Mb of Internet and the Internet-distribution management system must be at the level of international standards.

Minister of MCIT also said that each customer should be provided as much as he/she has purchased and asked the related officials to present detailed report about the monitoring and Internet distribution.

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