Masooma Khawari participates in the online conference of the International Telecommunication Union ‎‎(ITU)‎

Thu, Jan 28 2021 9:55 AM
کنفرانس آنلاین ITU

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Masooma Khawari on behalf of the Islamic ‎Republic of Afghanistan attended the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) online Conference ‎on Wednesday, January 27, 2021.  ‎
In this conference, minister Khawari stressed the need to create more opportunities to enhance digital ‎skills and access to new technologies for Afghan society, especially Afghan women.‎
The conference was attended by members of the union with the aim of empowering Afghan women ‎in the field of digital skills.‎
The Minister of Communications and IT noted that despite the continuation of the war, violence, and ‎deprivation, technology has now provided better opportunities for Afghan women to keep their ‎voices heard and use technology effectively to access their rights. ‎

کنفرانس آنلاین ITU

She added: as with other achievements, women's rights are an essential issue for the Afghan ‎government. ‎
Masooma Khawari stated: women have less access to technology than men and stressed that the ‎development of technology can play an essential role in ensuring gender equality.‎
In terms of increasing the digital literacy and skills of afghan women, the Minister of MCIT underscored ‎that a special secretariat should be created by the Ministry of Communications and IT.  ‎
Also, she emphasized the implementation of the vision of a "digital Afghanistan”‎‏.‏