Joint meeting to begin the distribution of smart driving licenses

Tue, Oct 29 2019 9:39 AM
د موټر ځیرکو جوازونو د وېش په پار، د همغږۍ ناسته وشوه

Mohammad Fahim Hashimi Acting minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Yama Yari Minister of Transport, Mr. Ahmad Zaki Sarfraz Mayor of Kabul and Mr. Davood Chakari attended a Joint coordination Meeting in order to Study the Process of Distributing Digital Driving Licensein.

The meeting discussed the challenges facing the start of digitization of driving licenses in detail.  Mohammed Fahim Hashimi Minister of Communications and Information Technology emphasized on cooperation with other responsible agencies and called for the immediate resolution of existing problems and the start of the project, he said: that the MCIT for any cooperation with other agencies. He said that this process could solve many problems of the citizens and it needs more coordination should be done in this regard.

Subsequently Minister of Transport, Kabul Mayor and Chief of Traffic department also expressed their readiness for cooperation in launching the project.

Minister Yari stressed the need for a joint meeting with the Ministry of Justice to finalize the relevant laws and regulations, and said the Ministry of Finance should also cooperate in financing the program.

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