Introductory Meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Communications and Afghan ‎Telecom Company officials

Tue, Sep 15 2020 3:45 PM
Masouma Khawari
Ms. Masooma Khawari, Acting Minister of Communication and Information Technology on her first ‎working day, met with Directors of the MCIT and Afghan Telecom Company. ‎ In the beginning, Ms. Masouma Khawari, Acting Minister of Communications and Information Technology, ‎spoke regarding her goals and plans in general and stated that to achieve the goals of the Ministry, we ‎need to work collectively and as a team.‎
معصومه خاوری

Minister Ms. Khawari added that "laziness and negligence" will have no place in her management and that ‎all departments and employees of the ministry will carry out their job and responsibilities within the ‎framework of the law. ‎ She also emphasized on the principle of rewards and punishments, adding that rewards and ‎punishment would be as a principle in her management basis.‎ Then, the directors and officials of the different departments, while introducing themselves, spoke ‎briefly about their goals, duties, and work plans.