The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has collected revenues 43 percent more than the set target

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Wed, Feb 26 2020 3:27 PM

In accordance to the State Accountability to Nation Program ministry of Communications and Information Technology shared its major activities, achievement and future plans and answered questions that were raised by media at a press conference held on Wednesday, February 26, 2020.

Arranging the roadmap, defining a clear outlook for the sector, drafting the Ministry's procedures and Responsibilities Bill, arranging 12 policies, 12 guidelines and 11 standards, and coordinating the relevant departments are the major achievements of the Ministry of Communications and Technology for FY 1398.

Mohammad Fahim Hashemi, acting minister of Communications and Information Technology speaking at the State Accountability Program at the Government Information and Media Center, said that the design and development of national policies, adaptive strategies, standards and guidelines, setting up and coordinating digital transformation, providing the better environment for the growth and development of the information technology industry, introducing new technologies and overseeing the implementation of national and standard policies are among the most important tasks of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

He said that the Real Time Data Management project was launched and its first phase was put into operation in FY 1398.


Minister hashimi noted that paying salaries through cellphones, creating an online passport system, online visa extension system for foreign citizens who work in Afghanistan, Creating an easy task portal, creating a document management system and launching it in government departments, modernizing the traffic system and issuing driving e-licenses, creating a public traffic archive are the purpose of this system.

It is worth mentioning that MCIT saved 60 million dollars, prevented ineffective projects, and 13 other projects were revised in FY 1398.

At the same time, the Ministry of Communications has managed to collect revenues 43% more than the specified target.

Salary payments through mobile have begun to the Ministry of Education and more than 63,000 individuals have registered in eight provinces.

Paying Salaries through mobiles have also been launched in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and 6500 individuals have been registered in more than13 provinces.