Introductory meeting of the French Ambassador with Acting Minister of Communications and ‎Information Technology

Tue, Sep 29 2020 3:17 PM

The French Ambassador, Mr. David Martinon, and his accompanying delegation met with Masooma ‎Khawari Acting Minister of Communications and Information Technology, at her office, on Tuesday, ‎September ‎‏29‏‎, ‎‏2020‏‎, and congratulated her on new responsibilities. ‎ During the meeting, Mr. David Martinon spoke about the ongoing cooperation between France and the ‎government and the people of Afghanistan, especially in the field of digitalization of offices.‎

Appreciating the presence of Mr. Martinon and his accompanying delegation Minister Khawari ‎stressed on the need for digitalization of government offices, especially in conditions caused by the ‎Corona virus pandemic.‎ Minister Khawari thanked the French Ambassador for the continuous cooperation of French Government and the people of France towards the development and prosperity of Afghanistan.