Acting Minister of Communications and Information Technology meets with Governor of Bamyan

Sat, Jul 11 2020 2:04 PM
ملاقات وزیر مخابرات و تکنالوژی معلوماتی با والی ولایت بامیان

Mohammad Fahim Hashimi Acting Minister of Communications and Information Technology met with Mr. Syed Anwar Rahmati Governor of Bamyan Province on Saturday, July 11, 2020.

During the meeting, both sides focused over how to improve and implement telecommunication and fiber optic projects in Bamyan province.

Having heard the requests of the Governor in terms of activating the 4G services of Salam Company, the extension of the fiber optic network between Yakawlang-Daikundi and the activation of some sites of Afghan Telecom / Salam network which are partially or completely inactive in Bamyan province, Minister Hashimi said that Bamyan is one of the ancient provinces of the country and is of special interest to the Ministry of Communications.

Minister Hashimi pledged the work of connecting fiber optics between Yakawlang-Daikundi will begin as soon as possible. Also by issuing instructions to the relevant authorities, minister Hashimi ordered the necessary measures should be taken to repair the inactive sites and complete the project.

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