38 students receive graduation certificates after completing six-month computer training program

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Alireza Khaliqyar
Sun, May 05 2019 10:50 AM
۳۸ تنو د کمپیوټر شپږ میاشتنیو زده کړو له بشپړولو وروسته د فراغت سندونه ترلاسه کړل

Paktia provincial Telecommunication Directorate awarded graduation certificate to 38 students who graduated from the Computer Training Center during a meeting held at the conference hall of the province.

Al-Hajj Abdul Wali Sahee deputy governor, Mr.  Mohammad Rahman Qaderi member of Paktia provincial council, Mr. Khawajauddin Haqbayan head of Ulema Council, a number provincial senior officials, media representatives and civil activists were participants of the event.

At beginning Mr. Abdullah Totakhel provincial Telecommunications and IT director in Paktia province briefed about the last one year achievements and the plan for the year 1398.

Mr. Abdullah Totakhel said that in the year 1397 a total of 19 new sites were operated in Gardez city the center and districts of the province; the Office of the Afghan Telecom zone was brought to Paktia and around 3,000 illegal SIM cards were seized.

He added that the telecommunication department consumed almost 98 percent of the budget in the past one year and also provided computer education facilities to 86 individuals.

Totakhel said that many new telecommunication sites would be operated in the center and districts and also 3G services will be provided in 11 districts in 1398.

Al-Hajj Abdul Wali Sahee Deputy Governor and other participants talking about the importance of the computer programs extended their congratulations to graduated students.

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