Jamal Naser Sarwary was born in on 27 May 1990 in Parwan Province of Afghanistan.

Mr. Sarwary has Bachelor's and Master’s degrees in Computer Science. He has more than ten-year working experience as an officer, senior adviser, and Information Technology (IT) director in many governmental and non-governmental organizations. 

Mr. Sarwary’s first job was with the newly established Banking Sector of Afghanistan as IT Manager for four years. After that, he worked for two years as IT officer and Radio Communication Instructor in the Ministry of Interior. Mr. Sarwary also has working experience as Electronic-Government Adviser and Chief Information Officer at the Ministry of Communication and IT, where he worked to develop the Ministry ICT core policy and strategies and electronic-governance road maps. For three years, he led the Information Technology Directorate of the Ministry of Public Health as director where he developed several key policies, strategies, regulations and implemented various projects, including IT data center and modern telemedicine system. On 12 August 2020, he again joined the Ministry of communication and IT as a Senior Information System Specialist where he developed many new projects proposals and concepts.

Jamal Naser Sarwary has been working as Director of Cyber Security Directorate of Ministry of Communications and IT Afghanistan where he leads Afghanistan Cyber security and Cyber Crime, Cyber Emergency response team (AF-CERT), ARCA, and NiXA-IXP, He is responsible for the Cyber Security projects of the ministry and giving Cyber Security strategic and policy support to all governmental agencies. Currently, he is in charge of an important part of the Ministry of Communications and IT.


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