Digitalization requires the development of digital literacy and skill

Thu, Dec 24 2020 2:31 PM
کنفرانس خبری

Mrs.Fatima Murchal Deputy Spokeswoman for the President, Mr. Nasrullah Nasrat Naseri MCIT’s ‎Spokesperson, and officials of “Her Afghanistan Institute” held a joint press conference at the ‎Government Media Center on Thursday, December 24, 2020. ‎
The purpose of the conference was to share experiences and thought about developing digital skills. ‎
At the outset, Mrs.Fatima Murchel the Deputy Spokeswoman for the President, speaking about the ‎importance of digitalization, said that the Government of Afghanistan supports any program that is ‎effective in the sector of digitalization. 

She stated “that the digitalization of systems is one of the essential programs and priorities of the ‎Government of Afghanistan”.‎


Then, Mr. Nasrullah Nasrat Naseri spoke about the role and plans of the Ministry of Communications ‎and Information Technology in the development of digital literacy and skills. He expressed that the ‎leadership of the MCIT has plans to develop digital literacy and skills and stated that the practical steps ‎have been taken in this direction.‎
Mr. Naseri also mentioned that the Ministry of Communications intends to cooperate with social ‎networks in the awareness area and promotion of digital literacy of users in the coming year. ‎
He emphasized that the leadership of the MCIT supports and welcomes any program that is effective ‎and helps us gain the goals of digitalization. ‎

نصرالله نصرت ناصری

The program, organized by “Her Afghanistan” in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and ‎Information Technology and some relevant institutions, identified some of prominent social media ‎users to electing them as Facebook cultural ambassadors in Afghanistan.