Biography of Mrs. Masoumeh Khavari;‎ Nominated and Acting Minister of Communications and Information ‎Technology

بانو معصومه خاوری

‎Masoumeh Khavari, the daughter of Mr. Juma Khan, was born in ‎‏1985‏‎ in an educated and ‎religious family in Dara-e-Suf upper district of Samangan province. ‎

She completed her primary education up to high school in‎ in migration and away from ‎home. And studied Turkish language at Ghazi University in Turkey in‎2005‎ and successfully ‎graduated. ‎

Mrs. Khavari, graduated from Ankara University, laboratory of Medical Sciences ‎2008. She ‎received her bachelor's degree in law and political science from Payame Noor University in ‎Kabul ‎2019‎. And is currently continuing a master's degree in management. She is fluent in ‎national languages and Turkish. ‎

After completing her studies acquiring sciences, she returned to the country to serve her ‎homeland and people. Mrs. Khavari served as the elected representative of the people of ‎Samangan province in the Afghan Parliament ‎2010‎-‎2016.

‎She recorded the honor of serving ‎the country and the people in her record.

Meanwhile she was a member and secretary of the ‎‎“Commission for Justice and Administrative Affairs, Administrative Reform and Combating ‎Administrative and Moral Corruption” in the parliament.

 In addition to honest representation of the people in parliament, she has been a ‎member of the commission on human rights, civil society and women’s affairs. ‎

In ‎2013‎, Mrs. Khavari also worked as an advisor to the esteemed executive directorate of the ‎National Unity Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. ‎

In ‎2019‎, she was consulting the esteemed office of the Executive Directorate of the ‎National Unity Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.‎

Serving honestly to the people and the homeland has been one of the long-standing aspirations ‎of the Mrs. Khavari.

Her work experience shows that commitment and perseverance, ‎fighting corruptions, creativity and determination in work are her personal characteristics. ‎