Acting minister of Communications and Information Technology meets with Dr. Ehsanullhah Bayat

Wed, Aug 28 2019 3:41 PM
د مخابراتو او معلوماتي ټکنالوجۍ سرپرست وزیرد افغان بیسیم شرکت له عمومي رییس احسان الله بیات سره ولیدل

Mohammed Fahim Hashimi Minister of Communications and Information Technology today, met with Dr. Ehsanullah Bayat general director of the Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC).

During the meeting, while expressing MCIT’s support for Private Entities and Enterprises, Mohammad Fahim Hashimi stressed that he endeavors to eliminate the obstacles to private sector investment in the country.

He said that providing better services, good quality and reasonable prices are the basic demands of the people, the government and the private companies should strive in this direction.

According to Hashimi, comprehensive reforms are undertaken in various sections of the MCIT in order to improve the quality of technological services.

He added that providing secure environment for telecommunications networks in the provinces is a top priority of security authorities and the Ministry of Communications. He continued saying that numerous meetings and preparations had been made in this regard.

Subsequently, Mr. Ehsanullah Bayat also mentioned the company's new plans to improving telecommunication services, adding that new service packages will be introduced soon.

He said security problems, custom taxes and other issues facing private sector should be removed.

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