Achievements in the field of information

Mon, Jan 25 2021 2:57 PM
MCIT رسانه

The Media Department of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, informs the people about the activities and achievements of the Ministry, the goals, achievements and all activities carried out in the Ministry, through the website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, visual media , Audio, print and press conferences.

The following achievements have been achieved during the fiscal year 1399:

  • Preparation and publication of about 600 news items, reports, press releases, news and information images and videos
  • 44 indicators of the Access to Information Commission are 100% implemented.
  • Operation plans and programs, achievements and progress of development projects have been published on the website of the Ministry on a quarterly basis.
  • Special interviews and meetings held in various cases have been published on the Ministry's website as well as through virtual pages.
  • The National Portal Development Survey has been conducted.