Public Notice for Award Decision of the Contract

Alireza Khaliqyar

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Public Notice for Award Decision of the Contract

 Ministry of Communication and Information Technology/Afghan Telecom has contemplated to contract the project of , Procuring of Optimizer equipment for AFTEL under the contract No,   MOIC-97/G221/ICB with SpaceCom International, LLC. 4000 Legato Road,Fairfax, VA22033, Virginia, with total Value of USD 281,991.00 (two hundred eighty one thousand nine hundred nighty one)

The Subject is publicly announced as per Sub-clause no. 1 of Clause no. 43rd of procurement law. In case of any objection, people and entities could submit their written protest attached with reasons in accordance to rule no.84th Procurement Procedure till 7 days since publication of this announcement to Ministry of Communication and information Technology/Afghan Telecom, Procurement Department, Mohamad Jan Khan Watt ,Post and parcel Building, 4th Floor, Kabul, Afghanistan.

The notice does not mean sign of the contract, and the contract will not be signed till completion of above mentioned deadline.

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