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 Pashto Fonts rendering Problem Solved in Linux  

Rendering Pashto fonts in ubuntu is a big problem in linux as well as Ubuntu , I have faced to many problems while I was working with Pashto fonts, and I have googled alot to solve this problem , but unfortunately I have found nothing and considered that many people have the same problem as I.
So finally I have decide to work on this problem and after a long time trying finally I got the way how to solve this problem
By this Thread the Pashto special 8 characters fonts related problem has been totally solved and all Pashto characters are nicely visible in Linux.

Click one of the links below to get the archived file of all necessary pashto fonts, Extract the archived file in /usr/share/fonts directory and then type the following command in the terminal for granting permission:


 sudo chmod –R 755 /usr/share/fonts

Now you should have well displayed Pashto fonts in your texts and applications.

please download the Fonts Package :/Content/files/