Deputy Minister IT

 His Excellency Aimal Marjan,

Deputy Minister Information Technology  of MCIT, Afghanistan

Aimal Marjan was born on 15th April 1977 in Afghanistan; he completed his high school, college and university studies in Pakistan. He received Bachelor and  Masters degrees in Computer Science from International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan in year 1999 and 2001.

H.E. Aimal Marjan was appointed as the Deputy Minister IT for MCIT Afghanistan on 18th of December 2013, where he is leading the E-Gov Directorate, Information Security Directorate and Technology and Innovation Directorate, prior to this he worked as Director General of the ICT Directorate of the MCIT for 1 year, where he was responsible for the ICT projects of the ministry and giving ICT strategic and policy support to all the government agencies. Prior to that he was Director ICT where he served MCIT for 6 years and developed a number of key policies, strategies, regulations, projects for the development of the sector.

From 2002 till 2005 he served as National ICT Advisor to the MCIT, where he consulted the Minister in areas such as ICT Policy and strategies, ISP Licensing and regulations, Internet exchanges, CCTIDS, e-government and general capacity building issues.

Prior to joining the ministry, he served as IT Advisor to the Director of the Afghan Assistance Coordination Authority (AACA). In addition he used to be the project manager of GDLN, a World Bank project, through the project eight government offices were connected to Internet for the first time in history of the country. He is the founder and President of the Afghan Computer Science Association founded in 1999.

H.E. Marjan was also the Technical and Academic Advisor of the Computer Science Department of the Islamic University for Science and Technology (IUST), Jalalabad, Afghanistan 2000. The main goals achieved while he was at IUST were the establishment of the department, the design of the first ever ICT curriculum of the country, conducting the first entry test and providing intensive training to the staff of the university on basic computer studies. He remains very close to the academe; he used to be a visiting faculty member of the Economic Department of International Islamic University Islamabad 1999 and a visiting faculty member of the Computer Science Department, Kabul University2002-2004.