Deputy Minister Technical


His Excellency (H.E) Syed Ahmad Shah Sadaat son of Syed Zahir Shah born in 1971 in Qala-e-Shahi Village of Darainoor district of Ningarhar, Afghanistan. H.E Sadaat belongs to the Sadaat tribe of Kunar province, Afghanistan.

H.E  has his International Bachelorette certificate from Syed Jamaludin Afghan High School. Later in 1988 he went to United Kingdom for further education and got his first degree in electronics engineering from university in Oxford.

H.E studies his first master degree MSc in Satellites and Radio Engineering in King’s College University of London in 1997.

Beside this he also obtained his post graduation certificate in telecom from the university in Oxford.


In 2015 he obtained a second master degree MSc in Mobile and wireless communications from Oxford.

H.E Sadaat has 19 years of Telecom experience and worked for the following companies in almost 4 continents.

  1. Nortel Network -  in Maidenhead and Paignton UK
  2. Motorola - in Swindon UK
  3. Alcatel Lucent - in Swindon UK
  4. Jersey Telecom - in State of Jersey, Channel Island
  5. Saudi Aramco – in Saudi Arabia Dhahran and Khubar
  6. Saudi Telecom Company – In Riyadh Saudi Arabia
  7. Telecom Italia – In Rome and Milano Italy
  8. BT Spain – In Madrid Spain
  9. Telephonica – in Madrid Spain
  10. Nortel Network – in Paris Shatafore France
  11. NCUS/Jorge Scientific Technologies in USA/Afghanistan
  12. Swisscom in Luzon Switzerland
  13. Control Solutions – Thames UK
  14. Altran Technologies – London UK
  15. United Utilities – Warrington UK

Beside these H.E Sadaat worked for the following companies/Government in Afghanistan.

  1. Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) Kabul Afghanistan
  2. Senior Advisor to the minister, Ministry of Telecom, Kabul, Afghanistan
  3. Board Member of Afghan Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (ATRA), Kabul Afghanistan.
  4. Head of Project Management Department, Ministry of Communications and IT, Kabul Afghanistan
  5. Senior Advisor to the Minister of Economy, Kabul Afghanistan.

H.E Sadaat was a short term lecturer in the Institute of Telecommunication teaching Telecom Signalling in Kabul Afghanistan. Often he wrote a number of technical articles about the telecom which has been published nationally in newspaper/magazine and in various websites.