MCIT opens Fiber Optic Project in Konar Province

Aiming to inaugurate Fiber Optic project acting and technical deputy minister of MCIT Eng. Sayed Ahmad Shah Sadat along with his companion delegation visited Konar Province and attended the gathering which was held in this regard on Apr 11, 2017.

The governor of Konar province Alhaj Wahidullah Kalimzai, people’s representative from Konar Maulawi Shahzada Shahid, general director of Afghan Telecom Eng. Sharif Khan, community leaders, civil activists and youth participated the event.

At the beginning Maulawi Shahzada Shahid welcomed the guests and thanked the minister for completing the project, as well as invited the people to cooperation on implementation of such development projects.

Alongside praising the providing quality internet and communication services Maulawi Shahid noted some telecommunication problems including the lack of coverage in some districts of the province. He added: thanks to better security and spirit of cooperation between people and officials it deserves the government and international community to implement further development projects in the Konar province.

Eng. Sayed Ahmad Shah Sadat acting minister of MCIT congratulated completion of this great and useful project and thanked the people of Konar Province for their sincerely cooperation. Eng. Sadat promised immediately to tackle the coverage problems in some remote districts of the province. He also promised: besides connecting Konar University with International Academic Institutions we would start DSL and Home Fiber to in this beautiful province. He added: that delivering high quality and affordable internet and communication services is one of the priorities of MCIT.

According to Eng. Sadat: 25 provinces are connected through Fiber Optic and at the cost of 50 million dollars the other 9 provinces will soon be connected to the world.

It is worth mentioning that having 96 kilometers distance the project was connected from Jalalabad within 15 months at a cost of 3 million dollars.