MCIT delivered a workshop for ICT community on Public Private Partnership (PPP)

MCIT delivered a workshop for ICT community on Public Private Partnership (PPP) Law on 1st November, 2016 at MCIT with the assistance of colleagues from Ministry of Finance. Workshop was attended by several distinguished members of both government and private ICT sector.

Meeting was initiated by H.E. Aimal Marjan, DM – IT by highlighting the importance, social and economic impacts of PPP Law for government services delivery to public.

Mr. Abdul Momin Mansoor, Director – Central Partnership Authority briefed the audience with origin, necessity and impact of PPP for the better prospective for government, private sector and public in general.

Mr. Qasim Shinwari, PPP Advisor from Central Partnership Authority (CPA), MoF presented about Public Private Partnership in detail and discussed its importance, objectives, basic principles, role and impact on current structure of government services delivery.

Furthermore, Mr. Ahmad Khalid Hatim, Legal Expert from CPA, MoF described the role of Central Partnership Authority and its relevant stakeholders, which included the explanation of process of implementation of PPP model within government by private sector.

In the end of presentation, audience were allowed to question about PPP law, to which Mr. Dosti objected as if private sector were not in the process of design of such law, in reply Mr. Khalid said, “there is still room for your feedback, as we are open for your suggestions and feedback in PPP law, so we can adjust the concerns of private sector as well”.

Audience also shared the concern of Request for Proposal (RFP) process involved in the course of implementation of PPP model, which will undermine the innovation (or original idea proposed) by potential private sector partners, MoF staff assured that certain incentives will be offered to such partners.


Workshop was concluded with the call of provision of further feedbacks by MCIT leadership and MoF staff.