Ministry of Communication and information technology has created e-GIF polices and guidelines for all the government and non-governments agencies.

Categories of Policies, Guideline and Standards

1)     Email and usage of IT Categories

Guideline ⇒ List of IT Resources on GIRoA Networks

Policies ⇒ Policy on use of IT resources

Policies ⇒ Email Usage policy

Policies ⇒ Policy on Open API Development


2)   Categories of Recognition and Authentication

Standards ⇒ E-Authentication

Biometrics ⇒ Finger Print Data

                    ⇒  Face Image Data

                    ⇒ Iris Image Data

3)    Categories of Quality and compliance

Standards ⇒ Quality Assurance

Standards ⇒ Compliance Assessment


4)    Framework and Technical categories

Policies ⇒ Interoperability Framework

Policies ⇒ Framework for e-authentication

Standards ⇒ E-GIF Technical standards

Standards ⇒ Metadata & Data

Policies ⇒ Framework for Mobile Governance


5)    Security and Applications Categories

Guideline ⇒ E-procurement guideline

Policies ⇒ Open Source software

Policies ⇒ Open Standards (OS)



Ministry of IT & communication requesting all intends that all private companies, software producers and professionals are invited to attend the one day workshop. The purpose of this discussion is that the professionals and agencies share their positive ideas and objection through the developed standards with as so we can implement the standards and guidelines in better ways.

Conditions for companies to apply

  •  Companies should have License from AISA.
  • Will give Priority to all software development companies. All the companies should have at least three year of work experience
  • professionals should have computer science certificate with three years of working experiences
  •  All the companies and technical person who are interesting in this event can register their self in the given email ID up to (03/01/2017).