Minister of Communications and Information Technology participates in the fifteenth anniversary of Roshan Telecom

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Shahzad Aryobee participated in the celebrations ceremony which was held on occasion of the fifteenth anniversary the establishment of Roshan Telecommunications Company, on Thursday, August 2, 2018.

Expressing his congratulations to the Board of Directors and its affiliates Shahzad Aryobee said that the Roshan Telecommunications company has played significant role in development of communications and internet services, employment, support, growth and trust in Afghan women, promoting mobile money services, , Capacity building and establishment of telecommunication infrastructures in the country.

In succession of his speech, Minister of MCIT, Shahzad Ariobey also emphasized that in order to deliver an effective service and utter role for achieving transparency in society telecommunications companies should pay serious attention to the provision of high-quality telecom services with an affordable prices, and the promotion of “Mobile Money ".